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Home / Support and Products / Training and e-learning / On-site training / Training course - Shape Healing

Training course - Shape Healing

On completion of this course, participants should be able to use the main capabilities of Shape Healing component of Open CASCADE Technology.
They will learn how to:
- analyze-detect problems within Open CASCADE Technology shapes as well as perform advanced analysis (tolerances, free boundaries, etc)
- fix and repair the detected irregularities
- upgrade and customize - modify the Open CASCADE Technology shapes to respect specific requirements (continuity, B-Spline representation, etc) and sewing
- handle shape processing : mechanism of creation of the sequence of fix and upgrade operations controlled by the user at run-time

The participants will need to have solid knowledge on Open CASCADE Technology topological data structure.
They must be familiar with all fundamental notions of Open CASCADE Technology.

- Motivation
- Shape Healing objectives
- Who needs Shape Healing ?
- Review of geometry and topology (curve and surfaces continuity, tolerance and precision)
- C++ Structure of Shape Healing

Common Problems After Import
- Querying geometrical representation
- Querying topological sub-shapes
- Orientation of 3DCurve and PCurve
- Coincidence of 3DCurve And PCurve
- Bad order or orientation of Edges in a Wire
- Bad connexion of adjacent Edges
- Self-Intersection of Edges in a Wire
- Presence of degenerated Edges
- Lacking Edges
- Healing small Faces
- Healing free bounds
- Healing tolerances

Shape Upgrade
- Overview
- Modifying surface continuity
- Shape splitting
- Converting shapes to Bezier

Shape Customization
- Overview
- Approximating Curves And Surfaces
- Converting surfaces to BSplines


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