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    On-site training

    For a smooth flight to your development goals, sign up now for training that fits both your budget and your schedule.
    On-site team training gives a complete overview to developers who want to become operational with the Open CASCADE Technology components and this is the fastest way to do it. It can be provided to one team of the same company, in the class of up to eight persons. This form of training is best recommended when your project is in the launching phase.

    There are three standard training courses available:

    The training courses are divided into sub-modules, or chapters. Each training chapter includes an electronic tutorial in HTML form and a programming exercise to be completed.

    The standard training courses are available for separate purchase, or within A la Carte support programs. A training course can start on any business day within the validity period of the purchased package, upon mutual agreement between OPEN CASCADE and a customer.

    OPEN CASCADE also offers team training in the form of kick-off programs. These are specifically designed for developers who are ready to begin building their application and aim to be highly productive from the start. Kick-off programs include an on-site training session followed by expert consulting on application design and architecture.

    - On-site training is the most optimal solution for medium-sized and large development teams due to direct meeting with OPEN CASCADE expert. Associated traveling and lodging expenses are minimized in this case.
    - Combined with a follow-up consulting session, on-site training brings the most efficient start with development on Open CASCADE Technology.
    - Upon request, standard programs can be customized to address some other issues or to deepen consideration of already included.

    Please contact us for more information and pricing.



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