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    Training at OPEN CASCADE offices

    Visit our offices to combine your training with direct meetings with OPEN CASCADE experts.
    The courses content is designed to satisfy a wide range of requirements. Several employees of different companies can participate in the training sessions. Standard training can take place at OPEN CASCADE headquarters or associated branches.

    Similar to on-site training a session can be followed with a consulting due to closeness to numerous OPEN CASCADE experts in different areas.

    - Training at our offices is optimal for small development teams, where on-site training costs can be at the same level.
    - Meeting OPEN CASCADE experts can be a unique opportunity to address most complex issues of your project. Thus, we advise you to combine training with a follow-up consulting session.
    - Upon request, standard programs can be customized to address some other issues or to deepen consideration of already included.

    Consider that there must be at least three persons from each company to be enrolled for the course. Traveling and lodging expenses are additional to the price.

    Please contact us for more information.


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