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Training course - OCAF

On completion of this course, participants should be able to develop an application using the Open CASCADE Application Framework (OCAF) for rapid development of domain-specific Computer-Aided Design (CAD) applications.
They will learn how to:
- associate attributes to geometric data
- build a document-view model
- implement undo-redo mechanism
- save geometric application data and associated attributes

The participants will need to be familiar with basic Open CASCADE Technology concepts. Ideally, the prerequisite session is Open CASCADE Fundamentals.

- What is OCAF
- OCAF advantages
- OCAF architecture
- OCAF services
- Basic concepts

OCAF components
- Overview
- Application
- Document
- Label
- Attributes

Ready-to-use attributes
- Overview
- Shape attributes (Named Shape)
- Tracking shape evolution
- Standard attributes
- Presentation attributes

Modification and regeneration
- Data storage
- Introduction in modification
- Organisation of attributes
- Re-computation of attributes
- Re-evaluation of presentable objects attributes


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