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    E-learning allows you to build your expertise at your own speed.
    OPEN CASCADE E-learning course consists of several modules some divided into sub-modules or chapters. Each E-learning module is based on an electronic tutorial in HTML form accessible via the Internet, and a programming exercise to be completed within an allocated time frame.

    To get the trainer's assistance each participant uses email and sends questions directly to the trainer. The trainer spends up to two hours a day to provide help and answer questions. The trainer provides help with the electronic tutorial and corrects the exercise when a training chapter is concluded.

    E-learning is grouped into a single program that encompasses all courses at once. Training sessions are opened upon request and may last up to 20 business days.

    - Easy self-training generates cost reduction on training and allows to pass the program at own speed.
    - E-learning is mainly suitable for students, graduates and independent professionals.


    Take your time to discover detailed contents of the courses and order your E-learning session !
    Please contact us for more information and pricing.


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