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Triangular mesh in shading view

Triangular mesh

Triangular mesh in wireframe view


Mesh Framework

Open CASCADE Mesh Framework (OMF) enables mesh support in development of pre- and post-processing applications with Open CASCADE Technology (OCCT). In conjunction with Open CASCADE Technology it can be particularly interesting for CAD/CAE application software vendors looking for a complete development platform.

The ground for OMF is provided by the SMDS package that features the mesh data structure classes suitable for OCCT-based development. The following most significant features are provided by other OMF packages:
   - integration with OCCT visualization, to enable display and selection of the mesh structures directly in OCCT 3D view;
   - integration with OCCT Application Framework, to enable storing of mesh data in OCAF documents;
   - support of data exchange with MSC/NASTRAN and STL formats;
   - various control and checking algorithms such as free boundaries detection, computation of enclosed volume etc.;
   - various editing algorithms such as mesh to line, plane or mesh intersection, Boolean operations on two surface meshes etc.;
   - available detailed documentation (User's Guide and Reference Manual) and programming sample;
   - porting across all supported platforms (Windows, Linux and Sun Solaris).

OMF supports linear meshes of any dimension (up to 3D). Default implementation allows displaying meshes in several standard modes: wireframe, flat and smooth shading, and shrink. Besides that arbitrary user-defined modes can be easily added. API is provided to track "back references" (from nodes to elements) what can substantially help to increase performance in editing and other operations.

- OMF provides a ready-to-use state-of-the-art mesh framework
- Data structure is implemented for most efficient memory consumption and performance
- Available interfaces enable fast integration into user's pre- and post-processing applications
- Availability of the source code of the SMDS package allows to adapt and to extend the component for particular applications

Please, contact us for more information and pricing.

This component was successfully applied in a variety of projects, including AvPro project (Principia) and SeaTrust-Holdan (Korean Register of Shipping).



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