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    Advanced Data Exchange Components

    OPEN CASCADE company provides a set of optional components dedicated to data exchange between common CAD systems and applications based on Open CASCADE Technology. The scope of processed data includes both geometrical and topological data, as well as the assembly structure and some attributes (names, colors, layers and others).

    This range of data exchange tools allows applications based on Open CASCADE Technology to transfer model data to and from other software. Because proper data exchange is necessary for interoperability between applications in a collaborative environment, OPEN CASCADE is committed to providing tools that ensure a high level of quality. In particular, the high quality of geometrical and topological data transfer is ensured by Shape Healing, whose algorithms are directly used by data exchange modules.

    The available Data Exchange tools enhance the openness of Open CASCADE Technology in a multi-software environment by allowing the processing of external data and providing a good level of integration.

    This type of functionality is particularly interesting for software editors looking to provide a broader access to their applications, as well as for industrial developers and researchers working in an environment that requires interoperability between different types of software.

    Data Exchange interfaces to standard formats have always been one of the key points of Open CASCADE Technology differentiating it from other geometric kernels and CAD systems.OPEN CASCADE provides standard interfaces (IGES 5.3, STEP AP 203 and 214, STL and VRML) in open source.

    For the advanced users who want to extend the capabilities of their software even more, additional interfaces to proprietary formats are provided on a paying basis. They can be used either integrated into your specific software or as separate standalone products.

    All available interfaces can be schematically presented as follows:

    Interoperability schema

    Data exchange solutions available via Open CASCADE Technology


    Table legend


    Please contact us for more information and pricing.

    Read more about other interoperability solutions on our Complementary Components page.

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