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  • Advanced Data Exchange Components
  • CAM Library
  • Collision Detection
  • Canonical Recognition
  • Surfaces from Scattered Points
  • BestFit
  • Mesh Framework
  • Express Mesh
  • Advanced Samples and Tools
  • Complementary Components


    Value-added software

    Integrate additional software components from the OPEN CASCADE company to bring yet another competitive advantage to your application !
    On top of open-sourced Open CASCADE Technology kernel we offer miscellaneous added-value components that can enrich your application. They should be particularly interesting for the commercial software editors and industrial teams as they will save time and costs reusing them in their projects.

    Advanced algorithms extend fundamental modeling algorithms already available in Open CASCADE Technology. These advanced techniques are used in domain-specific applications implying some peculiar requirements to the input data (e.g. surfaces from clouds of points or elementary geometry).

    In addition, for professional developers there is the collection of Advanced Samples available with full source code. Available examples demonstrate Open CASCADE Technology use in various domains, including data exchange, 3D parametric modeling, industrial shape design.

    We can also license the source code of other software component as additional option to you.

    Consult each product description to find out more details. And always feel free to contact us for further information and pricing.


    Latest news
  • Open CASCADE CAD Assistant for iOS platform is available!
  • Open CASCADE Technology 6.9.0 is available for download!
  • JT Assistant for Android

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