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Complementary Components
  • Geometric Constraint Solvers by Ledas
  • CATIA V5 Import by Datakit
  • UG NX Import by Datakit
  • SolidWorks Import by Datakit
  • SolidEdge Import by Datakit
  • Pro/ENGINEER - Creo Parametric Import by Datakit
  • Inventor Import by Datakit
  • CATIA V4 Import by Datakit


    Geometric Constraint Solvers by Ledas

    LEDAS Ltd. provides its LGS technology components for implementing constraint-driven design in applications based on Open CASCADE Technology.

    Since their first commercial release in 2004, the LGS 2D/3D software components have been licensed by a dozen CAD/CAM/CAE vendors, who have embedded them into their applications successfully.

    The LGS 2D and 3D geometric constraint solvers are used as parametric engines for 2D sketching and drawing, history-free 3D modeling, assembly design, motion analysis, and other applications. LGS 2D/3D are cross-platform software packages running on 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, *BSD, AIX, HP-UX, and other operating systems. LGS 2D/3D have a C-style API for easy integration into a broad range of software applications using a variety of wrappers, such as .NET, Java, and C++.

    LGS 2D/3D supports the creation and modification of geometric models by means of explicit and implicit constraints. Geometric objects that can be constrained include points, lines, circles, ellipses, planes, cylinders, spheres, NURBS, and application-defined parametric curves, and surfaces.

    Objects can be fixed in the absolute coordinate system or relative to each other. Supported constraints include geometric relations between objects (coincidence, parallelism, tangency, and so on) and dimensions that specify the required values for distances, angles, and radii. LGS 2D/3D moves and rotates objects to positions that satisfy all constraints, yet minimizes transformations from initial configurations.

    Other LGS functions implement advanced features of CAD/CAM/CAE systems, such as diagnostics of over- and under-defined parts of models, engineering variables and equations, help points, and tolerance management.

    Example applications called Legend 2D/3D are available as free downloads from the LEDAS web site. Provided with a collection of sample models representing different kinds of 2D sketches and 3D assemblies, the applications can be used to test the functionality, robustness, and performance of LGS 2D/3D. The sample applications were created with the Open CASCADE Application Framework; the source code is available to all licensees.

    To learn more about LGS 2D/3D, visit the LEDAS Web site at and

    Download our sample application at

    Each component is delivered and priced separately. Please contact us for more information and pricing at info (at)

    LGS is a trademark of LEDAS Ltd. Any other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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