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    Service cost

    The prices of OPEN CASCADE support services are given below, in units.

    Helpdesk query 2 units / query
    Technical support 5 units / day
    Expert consulting 9 units / day
    Bug corrections and improvements on estimation *

    On-site training: Fundamentals 48 units
    On-site training: OCAF 28 units
    On-site training: Shape Healing 18 units
    Training at OPEN CASCADE offices: Fundamentals 17 units / trainee
    Training at OPEN CASCADE offices: OCAF 10 units / trainee
    Training at OPEN CASCADE offices: Shape Healing 7 units / trainee
    E-learning (all courses) 16 units

    Advanced Samples and Tools contact us

    For a price of a quarterly package please contact us, but anyway consider that the price of a single unit is lower if the annual program is selected, due to included additional bonus units.

    (*) Bug corrections and improvements can be quoted on case-by-case basis.

    Please contact us for more information.


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