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    Helpdesk query

    This is probably the most often used service. Helpdesk query is an option that brings expert help for a one-shot technical issue.

    Within a frame of this service you submit your problem or task description (a query) to our Customer Support manager. In his turn, he sends you back an advice, recommendation how to solve your problem with use of Open CASCADE Technology. This may include some minimum code development, scripts of the Draw Test Harness, particular hints and tricks and other miscellaneous information.

    We define a query as a problem that cannot be broken down in subordinate problems and that happens in a normal usage of the product.

    Service Coverage:
    - Access to a central helpdesk by phone or email
    - Registration of your query and dispatch to a specialist
    - Return call or email contact within the 4 next working hours
    - Processing service on query within 3 business days (query analysis, supply of workaround solution if available)

    Individual helpdesk queries are only available within A-la Carte programs.



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