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    Available programs

    A-la Carte programs are delivered through packaged sets of units. They are tailored for different development teams and only vary in amount of included units.

    Programs can be ordered on quarterly basis but consider ordering a year program at once, to receive additional bonus !

    Using the cost sheet create a combination of services that best fits your requirements, and calculate the number of units you need. Then choose among available programs one that is closest to your resources and budget:

    Program type Units per quarter Units per year (including Bonus units) Most suitable for
    Introduction 20 units 135 units (55 bonus units) projects of an individual developer
    Advantage 42 units 275 units (107 bonus units) projects involving up to 4 developers
    Premium 88 units 515 units (163 bonus units) larger projects

    When ordering a program you are also entitled to the following options:
    - Option to access the Advanced Samples and Tools, a set of developer-oriented examples and tools that help with advanced use of Open CASCADE Technology.
    - Option of a dedicated Project manager which will supervise your development and will be at your hand for consulting.

    Example 1. One year Advantage A-la Carte program
    (includes: 42 units/quarter x 4 quarters + 107 bonus units = 275 units)

    On-site training: Fundamentals: 1 course x 48 units = 48 units
    Expert consulting: 5 days x 9 units = 45 units
    Helpdesk: 51 queries x 2 units = 102 units
    Technical support: 8 days x 5 units = 40 units
    Patch request: 2 requests x 20 units = 40 units

    Example 2. One year Premium A-la Carte program
    (includes: 88 units/quarter x 4 quarters + 163 bonus units = 515 units)

    On-site training: Fundamentals: 1 course x 48 units = 48 units
    On-site training: OCAF: 1 course x 28 units = 28 units
    Expert consulting: 11 days x 9 units = 99 units
    Helpdesk: 80 queries x 2 units = 160 units
    Technical support: 12 days x 5 units = 60 units
    Patch request: 6 requests x 20 units = 120 units

    Please contact us for more information and pricing.


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