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    Support and Products

    Support services & products dramatically improve efficiency of your development on Open CASCADE Technology.
    Open CASCADE Technology, like any complex software, requires deep knowledge in order to be most efficiently applied. This knowledge can be only obtained from the original experts that have been developing the platform for years.

    Support services are mainly demanded and tailored for software editors and industrial development teams. They are aimed to help developers during their whole project, from the very beginning till final deployment and maintenance.

    Support includes training, helpdesk and consulting, feasibility analysis, and other services, delivered within convenient A-la Carte programs.

    - Invest into receiving professional support on Open CASCADE Technology rather than spending time of your developers to learn it on their own.
    - Optimize your development schedule and costs due to reduced learning curve and acquire maximum knowledge of the platform.
    - Expect return on investments also in long run: your deep knowledge of Open CASCADE Technology will help you efficiently maintain your application and will cut your costs. Meet your customers' demands implementing new features faster and more reliably.

    For even more productive development take advantage of our ready-to-use components that extend Open CASCADE Technology to solve particular complex problems. These include advanced algorithms, components to work with mesh, and a range of interfaces to enlarge interoperability of your application.

    Be always ahead of your competitors thanks to professional mastering of the underlying development platform !
    OPEN CASCADE services fit your budget, complement your in-house resources and enhance your application development productivity

    The OPEN CASCADE company also offers custom development services, mainly for large industrial companies. These development services are primarily based on the Open CASCADE Technology, as well as on the other corporate platform Salome. For more details on these services, projects and customers please refer to

    Please contact us for more information and pricing.

    Latest news
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  • Open CASCADE Technology 6.9.0 is available for download!
  • JT Assistant for Android

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