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My first application
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    Home / Developer Corner / Getting started / My first application / Body - adding the neck

    Body - adding the neck

    To add a neck to the bottle, you will create a cylinder and fuse it to the body.

    The cylinder is to be positioned on the top face of the body with a radius of myThickness / 4. and a height of myHeight / 10.

    To position the cylinder, you need to define a coordinate system with the gp_Ax2 class defining a right-handed coordinate system from a point and two directions - the normal and the X direction (the Y direction is computed from these two).

    The center of the top face being, in the global coordinate system, (0 , 0 , myHeight) and its normal on the Z axis, your local coordinate system can be defined as follows:

    gp_Pnt neckLocation(0 , 0 , myHeight);
    gp_Dir neckNormal = gp::DZ();
    gp_Ax2 neckAx2(neckLocation , neckNormal);

    To create a cylinder, use another class from the primitives construction package: the BRepPrimAPI_MakeCylinder class. The information you must provide is:

    - the coordinate system where the cylinder will be located
    - the radius and height

    Standard_Real myNeckRadius = myThickness / 4.;
    Standard_Real myNeckHeight = myHeight / 10;

    BRepPrimAPI_MakeCylinder MKCylinder(neckAx2 , myNeckRadius , myNeckHeight);
    TopoDS_Shape myNeck = MKCylinder.Shape();

    You now have two separate parts: a main body and a neck that you need to fuse together.

    The BRepAlgoAPI package provides services to perform boolean operations between shapes, and especially: common (boolean intersection), cut (boolean substraction) and fuse (boolean union).

    Use BRepAlgoAPI_Fuse to fuse the two shapes:

    myBody = BRepAlgoAPI_Fuse(myBody , myNeck);

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