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    Home / Developer Corner / Getting started / My first application

    My first application

    This tutorial will teach you how to use Open CASCADE Technology to model a 3D object. The purpose of this tutorial is not to explain all Open CASCADE Technology classes but to help you start thinking in terms of Open CASCADE Technology as a tool.

    This tutorial assumes that you have experience in using and setting up C++

    From a programming standpoint, Open CASCADE Technology is designed to enhance your C++ tools with high performance modeling classes, methods and functions. A combination of all these resources will allow you to create substantial applications.

    You can download a complete demonstration in different formats. To use these files, you need to have Open CASCADE Technology installed.

    The project:

    To illustrate the use of classes provided in the 3D geometric modeling toolkits, you will create a bottle as shown:


    During this tutorial we will create, step-by-step, a function that will model a bottle as shown above.

    This modeling requires three steps:

    - build the bottle's Profile
    - build the bottle's Body
    - build the Threading on the bottle's neck

    Project Specifications:

    First of all we define the bottle specifications as follows:

    Bottle height myHeight 70

    Bottle width myWidth 50

    Bottle thickness myThickness 30

    In addition, we decide that the bottle's profile will be centered on the origin of the global cartesian coordinate system.


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