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Documentation installation

Documentation installation
Boris Weisman 2006/05/04 11:48
I have installed version 6.1 documentation OpenCASCADE_doc.tgz . After extraction I got the file: OpenCASCADE_doc (140MB). Which program can open this file?
anton 2006/05/22 23:53
Did you find how to open the file? If so advise please...
P Dolbey 2006/05/23 19:12
On Unix, you can use 'gunzip' to extract the underlying tar files, then use 'tar' to extract the files. Use 'man gunzip' and 'man tar' to get the syntax.

On Windows its easier as you can Winzip directly to open tgz and tar files directly - other apps do it as well such as WinRAR.

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