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OCC 6.1 Linux build

OCC 6.1 Linux build
Nelson Silva 2006/05/02 14:16

I want to rebuild OCC using gcc but the version 6.1 has no makefiles.
Anyone has these? Or an Eclipse/Code::Blocks project?

I really want the rebuild both the Linux and Windows version using gcc (MinGW for Windows).

Any help is welcome ;)
jeff shanab 2006/05/19 16:00
There are makefiles after you run the autotools scripts, they are madde to suit your machine at time of need. (they just don't work on my system)
mine are in /var/opencascade6/adm
I had to do a java -jar ./Linux/setup.jar to get the wizard to run
then chmod 755 ./configure (why, every time, grr)
I had to do an aclocal and a libttoolize --copy --force to get them to generate
then make.

I am stuck on TKMesh, lots and lots of errors
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