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New rules of website usage

New rules of website usage
Webmaster 2005/10/06 15:32
Dear Open CASCADE community!

Since today, 10 October, the rules for using the website are changed. These new rules mainly concern downloads and forum usage.

Since now we kindly ask you to identify yourself on our website. Those visitors who are not registered may do so by clicking the "Registration" link in the top right corner. And if you already have an account, please, log in using the form in the top right corner. If you forgot you password, please, click "Registration" and use the "Lost your password?" form.

Since you are logged in you can immediately download files without having to fill in any additional forms. We hope this new feature will save you time. Besides, only logged in users can post messages to the forum now. This is done with a view to protect the forum from various types of spam.

Please do not hesitate to contact in case of having problems using the website.

Thank you for understanding.
Sincerely yours,
Open CASCADE Webmaster
Gerhard Hofmann 2005/10/07 14:33
Hello Webmaster,
it would be nice to be able to save the login password with the browser (IE 6.0 asks for it but doesnt keep it) or stay logged in via a cookie. Right now I always have to search for the email with the password and copy-paste it into the password input field.
best regards
Gerhard Hofmann
Stephane Routelous 2005/10/07 14:42
I second what Gerhard said.

and also, I would like to add that the OpenCASCADE forum is the worst forum I ever seen. Not in terms of content, but its look and feel/usability.
Perhaps it is time to go in the 21st century ;-) ?

Webmaster 2005/10/10 06:57
Hello Stephane,

let's say you are welcome to post your functionality requests in this thread. I hope we can make this forum more comfortable with your help.

Sincerely yours,
Open CASCADE Webmaster
Torsten Sadowski 2005/10/10 12:33
Hello Webmaster,

I would some more search possibilities. Especially searching for two or more independent words in a topic.

Cheers, Torsten
Webmaster 2005/10/10 14:40
Hello Torsten,

please take a look at search page now.
I hope this new option will help you.

Sincerely yours,
Open CASCADE Webmaster
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