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Home / Developer Corner / Forums / Unsorted projects / Commpiling OCC5.1 , VC7.1

Commpiling OCC5.1 , VC7.1

Commpiling OCC5.1 , VC7.1
Korinth Angelika 2004/02/13 16:31

I got an error when compiling Viewer.dsw in TKViewerTest.dsw.
I get the error:

..\..\inc\TCollection_MapHasher.gxx(9) : error C2665: 'HashCode' : none of the 13 overloads can convert parameter 1 from type 'const TCollection_AsciiString'
..\..\inc\Standard_Integer.hxx(53): could be 'Standard_Integer HashCode(const Standard_Integer,const Standard_Integer)'
..\..\inc\Standard_Boolean.hxx(40): or 'Standard_Integer HashCode(const Standard_Boolean,const Standard_Integer)'
..\..\inc\Standard_Address.hxx(40): or 'Standard_Integer HashCode(const Standard_Address,const Standard_Integer)'
..\..\inc\Standard_CString.hxx(38): or 'Standard_Integer HashCode(const Standard_CString,const Standard_Integer)'
..\..\inc\Standard_Character.hxx(32): or 'Standard_Integer HashCode(const Standard_Character,const Standard_Integer)'
..\..\inc\Standard_Real.hxx(53): or 'Standard_Integer HashCode(const Standard_Real,const Standard_Integer)'
..\..\inc\Standard_ExtCharacter.hxx(35): or 'Standard_Integer HashCode(const Standard_ExtCharacter,const Standard_Integer)'
..\..\inc\Standard_ExtString.hxx(32): or 'Standard_Integer HashCode(const Standard_ExtString,const Standard_Integer)'
..\..\inc\Standard_Storable.hxx(106): or 'Standard_Integer HashCode(const Standard_Storable &,const Standard_Integer)'
..\..\inc\Handle_Standard_Transient.hxx(27): or 'Standard_Integer HashCode(const Handle_Standard_Transient &,const Standard_Integer)'
while trying to match the argument list '(const TCollection_AsciiString, const Standard_Integer)'

I'm using VC++7.1, ImprovedCascade and the fdstream.hpp from the linked site.
Have you an idea whats wrong?

Conrad J Poelman 2004/02/13 18:25
Hi Angelika,

Unfortunately I encountered exactly the same error (here) and couldn't find any solution. Since TkViewerTest is just a test viewer program that I didn't need, I just skipped that project.

The rest of Open Cascade else compiled just fine for me. Holler if you come up with any solution or have any other questions.

-- Conrad
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