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Project status

Project status
Filippo Bottega 2003/07/10 10:17
I finish to implement an Access db to generate all occ com classes.
I have implemented about 90 classes and now my first vba sample, the bottle sample, works.
The source vb code is like:

Public Sub Bottle()

Dim aPnt1 As New gp_Pnt
Dim aPnt2 As New gp_Pnt
Dim aPnt3 As New gp_Pnt
Dim aPnt4 As New gp_Pnt
Dim aPnt5 As New gp_Pnt

Call aPnt1.Constructor_2(-myWidth / 2, 0, 0)
Call aPnt2.Constructor_2(-myWidth / 2#, -myThickness / 4#, 0)
Call aPnt3.Constructor_2(0, -myThickness / 2#, 0)


Dim aEdge As TopoDS_Edge
Do While aEdgeExplorer.More
Set aEdge = aTopoDS.Edge(aEdgeExplorer.Current)
Call mkFillet.Add_2(myThickness / 12#, aEdge)
Call aEdgeExplorer.Next

Set myBody = mkFillet.Shape

martinlaun 2003/08/04 00:07
I like your idea with the COM interface. When do you plan to public your project or a part of it?
Guido 2004/11/04 15:59
Hello Filippo,

Are you planning to distribute the code or libray's, I like to see
how it works.

Do you also have an viewer? (ActiveX control)

If you need help. I like to paticipate.

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