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fhchina 2002/09/27 09:29

I have several points I have not understood:

1. Here Architecture means the main architecuture profession, i.e. together with Civil/Structural Engineering, Construction, HVAC to compose our so-called AEC industry. I don't know how your project is direcly related with Architecture.

2. Maybe you regard `Architecture' as `Computer Architecture' or `Scientific Computation Architecture', but it more related with CAD-to-FEM Integration, I couldn't imagine why it will belong to archicture design/modeling.

3. Where is your homepage?

Webmaster 2002/09/27 10:26
"Architecture" means here the software architecture.
Laurent Plagne 2002/09/30 13:14
Hi, I added the missing link to my project

best regards

Laurent Plagne
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