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Tested packages

Tested packages
Sandor_ Racz 2002/08/07 17:52
Thanks for all the inquiries regarding pythonCascade.

I could spend a little bit more time with testing recently and examined more than 10 packages. Pythonizer successfully built the following packages that contains near 300 Python modules.

AlenImage: all the 19 modules
Aspect: all the 69 modules
gp: all the 35 modules
Graphic3d: all the 73 modules
Image: all the 24 modules
MFT: all the 8 modules
OSD: 4 modules
Quantity: all the 11 modules
Standard: 3 modules
TCollection: all 11 modules
TColQuantity: 1 module
TColStd: 5 modules
TShort: 1 modules
WNT: all the 24 modules

This is a huge project so this doesn’t mean that each and every method in each and every class from the picked packages was tested. But the picked methods seem to work fine. I will try to release the first beta as soon as I can, hopefully still in August or September.
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