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Home / Developer Corner / Forums / pythonCascade / Technical Information III.

Technical Information III.

Technical Information III.
Sandor_ Racz 2002/06/02 01:22
Those arguments that have default values in the C++ version are also supported in the Python version. So depending on the number of arguments that the user provides for a method, the remaining ones will be set to a predefined value just like in the C++ version.

Those objects that has Python equivalents are substituted by Python objects
(e.g.TCollection_ExtendedString,Standard_CString are handled as Python string etc.)


>>> t1 = Standard_Type("dummy")
>>> t1.Name()

pythonCascade returns values in tuples in those cases when the arguments of
a method in the C++ version might change (like non-const references).


>>> from gp_Vec import *
>>> v=gp_Vec(11,-2,3)
>>> dummy1=1
>>> dummy2=1
>>> dummy3=1
>>> v.Coord(dummy1,dummy2,dummy3)
(11.0, -2.0, 3.0)

Probably the next version also will work in the v.Coord() form (but it needs more programming effort to make distinction between arguments that are used in a function or just their values are returned)
Sandor_ Racz 2002/06/05 16:38
Just to answer questions that came in in the meantime:

function overloading is supported.
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