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Technical information I.

Technical information I.
Sandor_ Racz 2002/05/30 16:13
Thanks for all the mails and inquiries regarding the pythonCascade project. By now the first working version is able to wrap OpenCASCADE classes automatically and some of the resulting pythonCascade modules are fully tested. Some technical information will be published here regularly about the structure and capabilities of this new Python library.

Any question, comment and suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

The Python version of Open CASCADE is organized into packages like gp, WNT, V3d, AIS etc. Packages contain Python modules. Each and every Open CASCADE C++ class has an equivalent Python module.

In the current version all the Open CASCADE enumerations are collected into one separate module. This might change in the future. An alternative solution would be to create a separate module of enumerations for each package (that contains just those enumerations that belong to a specific package).


Python 2.1.1 (#20, Jul 20 2001, 01:19:29) [MSC 32 bit (Intel)] on win32
Type "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>> from enum import *
>>> x = Quantity_NOC_MATRABLUE
>>> x
>>> y = Quantity_NOC_LIGHTBLUE
>>> y
>>> Aspect_TOL_DOTDASH

Sandor Racz
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