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Use OpenCascade 5.1 with Borland compiler

Use OpenCascade 5.1 with Borland compiler
DELORME 2003/10/20 18:48

Did anyone succeed to compile OCC5.1 with Borland tools(command line tools, or C++ Builder)?
I've installed OCC5.1 and made "implib" on the DLL (TKernel.dll, TKTopAlgo.dll, etc.) and link the import libraries with some sample code, but it doesn't work with this easy way.
I've read that compilation of OCC 5.1 is cleaner now.
It may be possible to compile OCC5.1 for windows under C+ Builder, as it provides the tool VCTOBPR.exe, it translates Visual C++ project and workspaces into Borland ones.
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