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GeomPlate_Surface Bug !

GeomPlate_Surface Bug !
varcol 2003/08/16 00:51
Most recently I wrote some code that shall display an approximation of a cloud of points.

Here is the vital part of it, that causes severe problems compiling:

GeomPlate_BuildPlateSurface BPSurf(3,15,2);
Handle(GeomPlate_Surface) PSurf=BPSurf.Surface();
Standard_Real Umin, Umax, Vmin, Vmax;
PSurf.Bounds( Umin, Umax, Vmin, Vmax);

The compiler complaints:
... no matching function for call to `Handle_GeomPlate_Surface::Bounds (Standard_Real &, Standard_Real &, Standard_Real &, Standard_Real &)'

I have tried anything and all variants with or without Handle, Pointers...
like PSurf->Bounds( Umin, Umax, Vmin, Vmax);

The OCC 5.0 source-code of this suspect method says:
void GeomPlate_Surface::Bounds(Standard_Real& U1, Standard_Real& U2, Standard_Real& V1, Standard_Real& V2) const
if (mySurfinit->DynamicType() == STANDARD_TYPE(GeomPlate_Surface))

What to do now ? Is it a bug in OCC ???

Any hints and tricks are welcome !!!

mcv 2003/08/16 18:12
Please, oh God in heaven let someone finally wake up in this community with an idea. It just cannot be, that no one has ever used GeomPlate_Surface.
Just can't be.

Come on folks, say something...

Wahab_shah 2012/07/09 15:31
You forgot to add the last argument of Tolerance
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