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Open CASCADE 5.0 released

Open CASCADE 5.0 released
Webmaster 2003/05/26 08:34
Open CASCADE SA is pleased to announce 5.0 release.
More efficient, more productive... and still Open Source!
Please visit for more details.

Faithfully yours,
Lugi.C 2003/05/26 16:05
Very exciting news!!!
Billy 2003/05/26 17:46
Congradulations. I am anxious to see what it can do!

Leonard Norrgard 2003/05/26 22:37
Is there a CVS tag for this release?
Webmaster 2003/05/29 08:29
CVS repository so far does not contain version 5.0 inside. Please use to download it.
Starting 5.0 CVS or another system for intermediate updates will be announced separately.
Yours faithfully,
William Jones 2003/05/29 22:10
Release does not work under my Linux distro (RedHat 7.3) and a rebuild does not seem possible either if using ./configure. Any suggestions? Must we build the old way with the scripts?
Webmaster 2003/05/30 09:13
Dear William,
Please see Hardware and Software Requirements at , list of supported OS. Your version of Red Hat is not there.
You can try rebuilding 5.0 with scripts or WOK for a while.
Yours faithfully,
Jerome 2003/05/27 08:04
I try it !!!
No problem during install (W2000).
I only have to make some modifications to my code (boolean operations) and all is working fine.
The documentations seems to be better (more clear), there is also a class browser....
Great work.
William Jones 2003/05/29 16:18
I have long awaited this release due to problems with the Boolean operations version 4.0. I downloaded version 5.0 for Linux and found that it is not working under RedHat 7.3. All derivative applications (including shipped and rebuilt samples and my own code) fail to run due to dependency on which is not consistent with my gcc installation (libstdc++-devel-2.96-113). Attempts to rebuild fail due to the libtool problem reported elsewhere on this forum and continue to fail following the workaround during the build of AISViewer because of "ros/src/TKService/.libs/ undefined reference to `DPSinitmatrix'" etc.

Is the development team ever going to integrate the GNU autotools work of Robert Boehne from into the standard CVS repository? I'm not the only one having trouble building OpenCASCADE from source. Look at this forum. I have never successfully built with confidence.

I agree with other posts to the forum that calling this Open Source because you provide some source code (unbuildable as it is) is a stretch. However, I do still value the capabilties of the effort.

Please lets bring some sanity to the effort so that OpenCASCADE can truly receive the respect it deserves.
Sofia Gameiro 2003/06/18 12:28

I have installed open cascade 5.0 with no problems.
I created a new visual c++ project with ocaf appwizard.
Everything seams to be working fine, except when I try to open a saved document, the application allways crashes. This seams to be an open cascade bug, could you help me with this?

Best regards, Sofia Gameiro
Vladimir Turin 2003/06/18 17:25
Dear Sofia,

It seams you try to execute generated application from VStudio and as a result the saved document have a zero size.

The problem is you should define additional environment variables witch you may see in run.bat file. That file is generated by ocaf appwizard, but have a little mistake. You should replace "Windows_Nt" strings to "win32".

Best regards,
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