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invalid command name "TopoDS_Shape"

invalid command name "TopoDS_Shape"
Hossein Asadi Kalameh 2013/04/16 14:13
I am a newbie here, I try to learn opencascade using available tutorial, but when I do:
"source ~/Downloads/....../samples/qt/tutorial/src/MakeBottle.cxx" I receive following error that invalid command name "TopoDS_Shape".

I found out that TopoDS_Shape object has been moved from a generic class. I am wondering if there is any modified tutorial available corresponding to the ver. 6.5.3.

Thanks in advance.
Forum supervisor 2013/04/23 21:25
Dear Asadi,
This change was done in OCCT6.3.1.
You can overlook corresponding Release Notes of OCCT6.3.1.
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