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importexport qt sample does not work

importexport qt sample does not work
Ali 2013/04/07 10:11
hi all,
i am new to OCCT win32 vs 2008. the voxeldemo project build and run successfully but
importexport and tutorial projects give me error when rebuilding it.
Ali 2013/04/08 09:45
      problem solve with tutorial.
importexport project rebuild successeded but could not be run
"TKernel is missing from your computer"
jeroen bink 2013/04/09 19:10
probably you should set your environmental variables.
run env.bat, from the ros directory.
For windows 7 you probably have to rewrite the 'set' commands to set the variables.

Ali 2013/04/16 10:31
     thanks jeroen bink
it works now.
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