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TopoDS_Shell.ShapeType() returns Random numbers

TopoDS_Shell.ShapeType() returns Random numbers
Tobias 2013/04/05 19:12

I am new to OpenCascade and created a new Box by using BRepPrimAPI_MakeBox.
The box is constructed correct ( tested with STEP output ).

When accessing the ShapeType() method (Box.ShapeType()) it will give me random numbers and when accessing the second time the program crashes (Segmentation fault , is trying to access 0x00 ).

Can you give me some hints which could cause this?

Cheers Tobias
Yogesh Sajanikar 2013/04/05 20:59
Check if Box.IsNull is false. If it is true, the box is not created.
Tobias 2013/04/08 10:46
Box.IsNull is false
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