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first project on OCCT

first project on OCCT
Ali 2013/04/01 15:04
hi all,
i am new to OCCT. i install oCCT on windows
i want to know how to start new project working with OCCT
for writing simple cad application.
Shockwave 2013/04/02 23:14
You must see the sample projects provided with the installation pack and view the projects in the Community projects sections
Ali 2013/04/04 02:39
      i am working on qt projects but both importexport and tutorial projects did not work. just the voxeldemo projects rebuild and run successfully. my hope now just to make a new project that i can import and export iges and step file.
aka 2013/04/03 14:19
Ali 2013/04/04 02:42
      thank you aka
it added a lot in my work
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