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How to Add a Wire of TopoDS_Shape

How to Add a Wire of TopoDS_Shape
Ausekar Shashikant R 2013/03/30 00:06
Hello Sir,
I have create a wire (mysgWire) of 6 edges and transformed/Rotated that wire(mysgWire) about origin. When I have rotated that wire it comes in TopoDS_Shape, my problem is that how to add a wire having TopoDS_Shape class.
My Code in short as:
BRepBuilderAPI_MakeWire sgWire;
TopoDS_Wire mysgWire = sgWire.Wire();

gp_Pnt P1(0,0,0);
gp_Dir xDir(0,0,1);
gp_Ax1 xAxis(P1, xDir);
double gtangle2 = sg.m_gt*PI/180;
     gp_Trsf myTrsf2;

     TopoDS_Shape teeth2 = BRepBuilderAPI_Transform (mysgWire, myTrsf2);


Now if want to make a complete wire of mysgWire and teeth2, What I have to do.

Waiting for urgent rpl.

Thanks in advance.

Alexander Luger 2013/04/11 10:59
BRepBuilderAPI_MakeWire aWireBuilder;
TopoDS_Wire completeWire = aWireBuilder.Wire();

That should do it.

Ausekar Shashikant R 2013/04/16 10:44
Hello Alex
Thanks on your rpl. I had tried it and successed in it. If u know how to add IGES Data exchange format for solid model pls. rpl me..

Thanks in advance...

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