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A Simple Example

A Simple Example
aka 2013/03/15 11:44
Hello, I need a simple example of displaying AIS_Shape with full support for rotating, panning e.t.c.

Please help!
aka 2013/03/15 11:57
So I need control over the window in which the output AIS_Shape. For example, i need HWND of this window.
jelle 2013/03/15 12:04
Occ comes with a number of examples that do just that. Start there.
aka 2013/03/15 12:19
Well, I working with standard examples for 4 days, and I still can't solve my problem.

My problem is:

1. I have AIS_Shape object and and nothing more
2. I need output this object in user-defined area of parent window (create child window with AIS_Shape image)

What steps do I need to do?
jelle 2013/03/15 12:38
      That's a fairly encompassing question. Perhaps the following code provides some insight.
aka 2013/03/15 12:55
Thank you, that's something. Are there any alternatives to the С/C++?

In my C++ code, I run into difficulties because of the intricacies of the various Open Cascade, which to me is not so easy to see from the python example (I don't know python)
aka 2013/04/02 18:57
Can you tell what it is this piece of code?

t = Topo(aShape)
aka 2013/04/02 18:59
Can you tell what it is this piece of code?

t = Topo(aShape) (from
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