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making a solid by giving a thickness to a face

making a solid by giving a thickness to a face
Mauro Mariotti 2013/03/11 15:08
Dear Forum supervisor,

the documentation of BRepBuilderAPI_MakeShell says:
"For a shell with thickness, you need to use BRepOffsetAPI_MakeOffsetShape".
Looking at the latter's documentation, I am not sure what are the options to choose, to have not just an offset face, but a solid (with the original face, the offset face and a side face generated by each edge of the original face).

Maybe it's this:
"Mode defines the construction type of parallels applied to the free edges of shape S; currently, only one construction type is implemented, namely the one where the free edges do not generate parallels; this corresponds to the default value BRepOffset_Skin"

Can you confirm that the "shell with thickness" is really not implemented?

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