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How to recover a Geom_Surface object original data value?

How to recover a Geom_Surface object original data value?
JiangMing 2013/03/04 12:41
My question is when i have transformed a Geom_Surface object with a gp_trsf a for acquiring the face data in the new location,how can i recover te Geom_Surface object to its original value?

I have tried to use another transformation b=a.Inverted() ,but the result is not the same as before.

Who can help me?
JiangMing 2013/03/08 07:16
     TopLoc_Location l;
     Handle(Geom_Surface) aaface,aface;
     TopoDS_Face aaab=(TopoDS_Face&)(ashape);
     aface= BRep_Tool::Surface((TopoDS_Face&)(ashape),l
aface->Transform(workertrsf.GetAt(sel));//THEN aface data was transformed     //how can i recover aface to its original data
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