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Get names from STEP file.

Get names from STEP file.
Cauchy Ding 2013/02/27 09:57
Hi guys,

I have a STEP file which contains two solid shapes. One is named as "test", another named as "Boss-Extrude1". In SolidWorks2010, it can read all solid shapes' name. But in my OCC6.5.3, I can only read the compound shape "Assemb1" and compound shape "Part1".
The hierarchy of the step file seems:
Compound(Assemb1) -> Compound(Part1) --> Solid 1 and Solid 2. No matter how I try, I can't get two solids names. I am using STEPCAFControl_Reader.

Any suggestion is welcome. Thanks.


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jeholl 2013/05/15 12:40
      I have the same question.
WuXuan 2013/05/17 05:55
use STEPCAFControl_Reader to Transfer Handle(TDocStd_Document).
then (XCAFDoc_ShapeTool) myAssembly = XCAFDoc_DocumentTool::ShapeTool(doc->Main());
and get a label from labels, use aLabel.FindAttribute(TDataStd_Name::GetID(), N) to get name.
Cauchy Ding 2013/05/17 08:55
Hi WuXuan,

Have you tried my attached .step file? Does it work for you?


WuXuan 2013/05/24 11:27
i try now, the same problem, the names are assembly1 and part1.
Forum supervisor 2013/05/20 14:58
Dear Ding,
Indeed the document structure doesn't contain names of the mentioned solids.
Probably it may be a bug.
I suggest you to register the issue in Mantis Bugtracker which is available via the Collaborative portal -
If the problem is critical for you, you may contact us via the Contact Form
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