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name and color of STEP shapes

name and color of STEP shapes
davide 2013/02/22 12:35
I'm wondering why, exporting a piece of step file,
i can't get sub-assembly names and colors from the original step...

I'm writing with this command:
Dim w1 As New STEPControl.Writer()
w1.Transfer(shp, STEPControl.StepModelType.AsIs, True)

and Shp is retrived by STEPCAFControl.Reader with

using iterator over nodes
Dim node1 As TDataStd.TreeNode = CType(nodeIterator1.Value, TDataStd.TreeNode)
Dim Shp As TopoDS.Shape = XCAFDoc.ShapeTool.GetShape(node1.Label)

in the example "dm1-pe-214" is the original file
and "nba" is a sub-assembly (without names and colors)

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