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help me to run OCCT

help me to run OCCT
Ali 2013/02/19 12:08
Dear all
I do want your help.
I read the doc and the other question but I did not get what to do!
I am new with opencascad .
I Download Open CASCADE Technology 6.5.4 and install it. That creat dircectiory tree (3rdparty,data,doc,ros,samples). In 3rd party directory
(freeimage-vc9-32, freetype-2.4.10-vc9-32, ftgl-2.1.3-vc9-32, gl2ps-1.3.5-vc9-32, qt462-vc9-32, tbb30_018oss, tcltk-85-32).
the version of Visual Studio vc10 and the architecture win32. I download another third party which Compatible with vc10 and win32 from
and I reeplace it with 3rdparty that already exist.
I edit the file C:\OpenCASCADE6.5.4\ros\env.bat with "VCVER=vc10" "ARCH=32"
I open the qt samples " voxeldemo" with visual studio 2010 and I rebuild the project, I get 81 warning and 73 error:
Error     84 error MSB6006: "cmd.exe" exited with code 9009.
And other Error can not open source file of all #include
Forum supervisor 2013/02/19 13:38
Dear Ali,
I suggest you to overlook content of the corresponding *.bat files used by OCCT (custom.bat, env.bat, msvc.bat). I do hope it will give you an idea why you get some errors.
Pay your attention to names of the directories where some 3rdparty product is located.
For configuration (vc10 & 32 bit mode) you should have something like that:
freeimage-vc10-32,freetype-2.4.10-vc10-32,ftgl-2.1.3-vc10-32, gl2ps-1.3.5-vc10-32, qt4xx-vc10-32, tbb30_018oss, tcltk-85-32.
Take into account that some products are optional and it is not necessary to use all off them.
All 3dparty products should be built with vc10.
After that edit, please custom.bat to set also the corresponding "CSF_..." variables (which contain paths...).
Build OCCT for the specified configuration :
msvc.bat vc10 win32 Release (|Debug).
And only after that you can switch to samples (take into account that samples also have analogical *.bat files).
Ali 2013/02/20 17:40
      Dear Forum supervisor,
I want to thank you first
Actually I did what you told me step by step and finally I rebuild the OCCT solution without errors. But when I go to qt samples, there are three projects " importexport" "tutorial" "voxeldemo".
In " importexport" there is IESample-vc10.sln so when I run the msvc.bat , it open the solution but visual studio show that there is error in conversion solution file.
The same problem with "tutorial" .
In "voxeldemo" there is no VoxelDemo-vc10.sln .
Please tell me what to do?
And thank you again.

Forum supervisor 2013/02/20 18:20
Dear Ali,
1.First of all if you want to use qt-based samples your local QT should be correctly configured (vc10 win32).
2.After that generate project files using generation-vc-projects.bat:
generation-vc-projects.bat vc10 win32 Release (or Debug).
IESample.vcxproj file will be generated.
3.And start Visual Studio (for example):
msvc.bat vc10 win32 Release
Follow the instructions of VC (! don't override just generated file *.vcxproj).

Good luck.
Ali 2013/02/21 11:28
     Dear Forum supervisor,
thank you for answering me,
but i did that and the same problem still
exist. and i do not know what to do.
Forum supervisor 2013/02/21 12:32
Dear Ali,
It means that probably you made a mistake at the previous steps.
I rechecked the public distribution package of OCCT6.5.4 for your case: vc10 win32.
There is no any conversion errors. The project is opened successfully.
Probably something is wrong in your environment.
You can recheck your previous steps trying to localize the problem or
you may try to use mfc based samples.
Ali 2013/02/26 12:17
      Dear Forum supervisor,
i recheck the previous step but nothing change. actually i have to use qt because i want to develope a very simple cad application that can work on windows and linux centos 6.3 x64.
i use vmware with windows 32 bit with vs2008 and i install OCCT and i could build and run on of qt projects. for windows it is good even i will try another time with vs2010.
now i want to ask if you can help me with install OCCT on centos 6.3 x64.
and sorry for questionning so much!!!
Forum supervisor 2013/02/26 13:46
Dear Ali,
As you can see from the chapter "Supported Platforms and Pre-requisites" of OCC6.5.4 Release Notes
CentOS 6.3 is not in the list of supported platforms. If the problem is blocking for you,
you may contact us via the Contact Form
We will try to find a solution/workaround acceptable for you.
Ali 2013/03/03 01:22
      Dear Forum supervisor,
thank you so much for helping me.
I contact the Form, and ask about my problem with CentOS .
but now i go back to use OCCT with VS2010 on windows x64.
and i think my problem with the 9rd party so I download some of it that rebuilding in VS2010
on Windows x64 from
and I have problem with rebuilding tho others, so I want to ask you if there is
Qt, TBB, Tcl/Tk rebuild with VS2010 and Windows x64.
Forum supervisor 2013/03/04 10:33
Dear Ali,
The specified link gives a possibility to download archives with precompiled binaries
and source files of the next 3rd-party products:
- Freeimage 3.14.1
- Freetype 2.3.7
- Freetype 2.4.10
- Ftgl 2.1.2
- Ftgl 2.1.3
- gl2ps 1.3.5

For all other products (Qt, TBB, Tcl/Tk) only links are provided.
So, it is under your responsibility to download and build these products.
Ali 2013/03/24 21:29
Dear Forum supervisor,
thank you for helping me a lot,
finally i rebuild the OCCT on win64 vc10 succesfully.
but the samples did not work. is there any change i should do for it?     
Forum supervisor 2013/03/25 10:32
Dear Ali,
You should build not only OCCT itself, but the samples too.
If you did it correctly it should work.
If not you should take care to analyze the reason of such behavior.
If it is still a problem for you I would suggested you to use our support services.
See the next link -
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