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Geom2dAPI_InterCurveCurve bug

Geom2dAPI_InterCurveCurve bug
Massimo Del Fedele 2013/01/17 17:21

I noticed that Geom2dAPI_InterCurveCurve often returns intersections as tangential even for crossing curves (with crossing I mean REALLY crossing...).
That wouldn't be a big concern if the resulting segments were precise enough, but I noticed that intersection points calculated as a linear combination of returned segments extremes are by far over specified tolerance.
I tried also using Extrema on resulting segments, but sometimes it doesnėt return valid extreme points (NbExt() == 0...).
The tests I made are on 2d arcs and segments, which could be easy done analitically, but I need it working for any kind of curve.
Any hint to get precise intersection points of two 2d curves ?

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