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TopAbs_Internal and CurveOnSurface

TopAbs_Internal and CurveOnSurface
Bayard 2012/12/19 22:31
HI !
I have CAOs imported by STEP with edges and faces, with some geometric intersections but topologically different. When an edge-face intersection is linear, I would like to get the Geom2dCurve from the edge in the parametric space of the surface. I've understood that BRepTool::CurveOnSurface enabled that, but sometimes it succeed, most of the time it doesn't (I can see that with first and last parameters completly wrong).

I also saw that for an edge orientation, it existed the TopAbs_Internal orientation, maybe for an edge which is internal to a face ? When my Face-Edge intersection is not on the boundary, do have I to add the intersection as a subshape of the face with this TopAbs_Internal property, and how could i do that ?

Thank you for your answer !
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