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Inherit problem from AIS_InteractiveObject

Inherit problem from AIS_InteractiveObject
seumonkey 2012/12/18 08:52
I inherit a class :
class DblYellowLine: public AIS_InteractiveObject{}
and make a shape in the constructor func:
myShape = BRepBuilderAPI_MakeFace(aWire);
and overload the compute func:
void DblYellowLine::Compute(const Handle_PrsMgr_PresentationManager3d& aPresentationManager,const Handle_Prs3d_Presentation& aPresentation,const Standard_Integer aMode )
StdPrs_WFDeflectionShape::Add(aPresentation,myShape, myDrawer );
void DblYellowLine::Compute(const Handle_Prs3d_Projector& aProjector,     const Handle_Prs3d_Presentation& aPresentation)

and display like this:
DblYellowLine s;
But I cannot see anything. what is wrong ? Thank you for your help !
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