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How to change SelectionColor of Vertex?

How to change SelectionColor of Vertex?
Hans 2012/12/11 06:33

i've searched for an answer a few days, but i can't find a solution. I create all vertices with the BrepBuilderAPI_MakeVertex. To show the vertex i build a new AIS_Shape
After that i set the vertex color with Prs3d_PointAspect. Because AIS_Shape->SetColor/AIS_InteractiveContext->Color(...) doesn't work.

But if i select a vertex by clicking on it with the mouse (ActiveStandardMode is TopAbs_VERTEX) the vertex is colored in the SelectionColor of my AIS_InteractiveContext.

I'm not able to change the color of a selected vertex by setting it's PointAspect again. Is there another attribute or method to set the SelectionColor for a vertex?

Or do i have to write my own class for showing selected vertices with different color than the default selectioncolor defined for the Context? Can anyone give my an example?

Thanks for your help and best regards,
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