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How to decease a nurbs curve's degree

How to decease a nurbs curve's degree
SunHongLei 2012/11/29 06:09
In opencascade, there is a function that increase a nurbs curve's degree like :
IncreaseDegree(Standard_Integer °ree), I want to know how decease a nurbs curve's degree in opencascade?
Mauro Mariotti 2012/11/29 12:19
Generally a NURBS curve degree cannot be decreased, it can be done only in an approximate way.

ShapeCustom::BSplineRestriction does it for curves (and surfaces) inside a shape.
Maybe you can create an edge and call it.
I don't know an equivalent algorithm for curves.

SunHongLei 2012/11/29 13:37
Thanks very much!
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