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help ...installation and building

help ...installation and building
shmsh 2012/11/23 11:19
I'm new here and I would like to work with open cascade technology ...
I have downloaded OCC 6.5.3 and the documentation also I have installed VC9 ...
Now any help what to do next for configuration and start working...
Regards ...
Forum supervisor 2012/11/23 13:47
Dear shmsh,
The installation tutorial is at your disposal at - .
shmsh 2012/11/24 11:51
Dear supervisor,
I have already installed Open Cascade Technology , but the problem now is with configuring my system with the provided Libraries of Open Cascade
Forum supervisor 2012/11/26 11:08
Dear shmsh,
I suggest you to overlook more carefully the next chapters of the tutorial:
- System environment (
- Open CasCade Samples (
I do hope you will find the necessary information for your system configuration in
the above mentioned chapters.
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