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How to select the child label (child TopoDS_Shape )?

How to select the child label (child TopoDS_Shape )?
seumonkey 2012/11/20 12:50
I want to display the shape topo_intersection as below:
TopoDS_Shape topo_intersection=MakeIntersection(inst); // this create the shape.
     TNaming_Builder B(L_Intersection);
     prs1= TPrsStd_AISPresentation::Set(L_Intersection,TNaming_NamedShape::GetID());
Now, I can select the L_Intersection shape and change the color by this:
TopoDS_Shape S=myAISContext->SelectedShape();
But, I only can select the top shape L_Intersection , I cannot select the child of the Label L_Intersection, what can I do ? Giving every child a label and using this "TNaming_Builder B(L_child_x);" to display every child so that I can select every child?
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