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Inside/Outside Solid.

Inside/Outside Solid.
Keith Sloan 2012/10/21 17:33
Is there a way of quickly testing if a point ( x,y,z ) lies inside or outside a model.

Fabian Hachenberg 2012/10/30 13:14
Have a look at BOP_SolidClassifier
Jane Hu 2013/05/06 19:22
Now occ6.6.0 doesn't have BOP directory, where has this code been moved to ? Thanks.     
Forum supervisor 2013/05/06 21:16
Packages BOP, BooleanOperations and BOPTools has been completely refactored.
Check, please OCCT660 Release Notes (chapter "Modeling algorithms").
Jane Hu 2013/05/06 21:27
Thanks, Forum supervisor. I went checked the release note, it didn't point out where the BOP directory has been refactored to. I checked all BOP* directory, didn't find the one I needed. I want BOP_SolidClassifier, can you point it out? Thanks a bunch!     
Forum supervisor 2013/05/07 14:50
Dear Jane,
Refactoring means that some internal classes may disappear.
New algorithm uses class BRepClass3d_SolidClassifier instead the old classifier.
See for example the BOPAlgo_BuilderSolid.cxx file.
Jane Hu 2013/05/07 21:11
Thanks a lot, Forum supervisor. This is just want I wanted.     
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