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offsetting a solid

offsetting a solid
hylkema 2012/10/19 19:34
Hello all, I'm trying to offset a solid in order to cut it with a cylinder (to simulate the regression in a star shaped solid propellant grain). The idea is to offset the kernel, cut it with the cylinder and then offset some more ...

for (int i = 1;i<20;i++) {

Kernel = offset(0.1,Kernel);
Bloc = BRepAlgoAPI_Cut(Bloc,Kernel);



with offset as :

TopoDS_Shape Model2::offset(double dist,TopoDS_Shape original) {
double res = Precision::Confusion();
BRepOffset_MakeOffset mkOffset(original,dist,res);
TopoDS_Shape tmp = mkOffset.Shape();
return tmp;

This works for the first few itteration but that I have an instance of 'Standard_ConstructionError'

The kernel is defined in the attached file. All help is greatly appreciated

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