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Is it possible to export a MeshVS_Mesh to STL

Is it possible to export a MeshVS_Mesh to STL
Timo 2012/10/09 14:43
For importing STL files, we use the code mentioned at the end of .

It creates a MeshVS_Mesh from the STL file.
MeshVS_Mesh is a subclass of AIS_InteractiveObject and therefore can be transformed via its SetTransformation method.

Is it possible to export such a transformed MeshVS_Mesh to STL?

RWStl::WriteAscii (const Handle< StlMesh_Mesh > &aMesh, const OSD_Path &aPath );
can be used to write StlMesh_Mesh objects.
Is it possible to get an StlMesh_Mesh from a MeshVS_Mesh?

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