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exception on MakeEdge

exception on MakeEdge
Yaron 2012/10/09 13:11
the following Line creation generates an unexplained exception:

gp_Pnt P1(-999999.0, -537768535.94744217, 1.0);
gp_Pnt P2(999999.0, 537784345.33313346, 1.0);
TopoDS_Edge aCurrentEdge;
aCurrentEdge=BRepBuilderAPI_MakeEdge(P1,P2); // <= exception thrown!

any ideas why?
jelle 2012/10/09 13:34
What if you built it with a gp_Lin as an argument?
Yaron 2012/10/09 14:07
thanks! it helps.
Yaron 2012/10/09 14:20
there's still an issue.
if i try limiting the line between the two given points, the exception remains:

Forum supervisor 2012/10/09 14:37
Dear Yaron,
You are welcome to register the issue (exception) in Mantis Bugtracker which is available now via the Collaborative portal -
Forum supervisor 2012/10/10 13:30
Dear Yaron,
For your information.
The problem in the reported case is that you try to create an edge with length of ~1e9 (1.000 km, if we assume that units are mm), while OCCT is configured to work with much smaller objects and uses internal precision (Precision::Confusion()) equal to 1e-7. The resolution provided by double numbers in C++ (16 digits) is not sufficient to represent this scale of values with that precision.
Yaron 2012/10/10 13:36
ok, thanks for the clarification.
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