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import the step file(assembly) and display

import the step file(assembly) and display
WuXuan 2012/09/04 06:29
i want to import the step file(assembly) to opencascade and display all parts of the assembly.
i use the samples(import export) of the occ,but when i import an assembly,it become a part.
WuXuan 2012/09/05 11:55
can anyone help me?
PG 2012/09/07 09:46
     Dear WuXuan, Can u share the test Step file .. I do not have a STEP file of an assembly.
- PG
WuXuan 2012/09/07 14:20
sure,can you give me your mailbox,i will send to you
PG 2012/09/07 14:36
WuXuan 2012/09/12 10:43
i have post the email to you, have you received?
PG 2012/09/12 11:05
     yes recvd , but the dimensions are small. What units have u used?
WuXuan 2012/09/12 11:26
      yeah,because the that are electronic components,so the dimensions are small
PG 2012/09/12 11:20
     Able to load the STEP file using instructions of Alexander.
WuXuan 2012/09/12 11:27
      can you give me the source code?
Alexander Schneller 2012/09/05 13:35
try Draw and the DATA EXCHANGE COMMANDS ("Test Harness User's Guide", thug.pdf)

pload ALL
ReadStep <document> <file_name>
Xdump <document> [int deep {0|1}]
XShow <document> [ <label1> ]
WuXuan 2012/09/06 14:58
i am sorry , i cant understand.
can you give me an example? i think it is more useful to me
Alexander Schneller 2012/09/06 19:02
Draw commands:
pload ALL
# pload ALL load all plugins
ReadStep D thefile.stp
# ReadStep read the STEP-File in the document D
XGetOneShape aShape D
# XGetOneShape make one Shape of the whole document
#init the viewer
vdisplay aShape
# display the shape
Select the view window and press 5 (to select shells, enter "vhelp" to see help and filter options).
If you move the cursor over a shell (normaly an assembly) it will be highlighted.

If you want to display only one assembly you can use the following Draw commands:
Xdump D
# Xdump display the assembly structure on the Command line window
# use one of the labels for XGetShape
XGetShape aShape2 D 0:1:1:3
vdisplay aShape2

for more commands look at "8.7 XDE general commands" of the thug.pdf

Or try if you only want to view the STEP-File.
WuXuan 2012/09/12 15:47
      thnx,but how can i see the source code? i want to use this function in MFC
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